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PU Wood Finish

GCI P.U. Wood Finish is a high-performance two-pack Acrylic Polyurethane Wood Finish that offers weather-resistant and quick drying properties. This product delivers excellent clarity, and scratch resistance, and preserves the natural beauty of wood due to its non-yellowing property. It provides superior gloss and excellent gloss retention.

Product Available in

Interior and Exterior PU


PU Sealer : PU White Sealer, PU High Gloss, PU Matt, PU High Gloss White, PU Matt White


PU Gloss: Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Phiroza, PO Red, Oxford Blue, Golden Yellow (Other Shades also Available)

Benifits final

Benefits / Features

Consistency icon.png

Double the Life of Furniture

It has high elasticity which prevents cracks due to UV rays.

water-resistance icon.png

Forms a Protective barrier Against

Rain and Moisture 

Protect the wood from Alage and Fungal growth, as it has self-cleaning property.

superior-gloss icon.png

Superior Gloss and Excellent Gloss Retention Property

A unique acrylic selection and flow modifier keep the gloss for years.

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Crystal Clear Finish 

It is ideal for use over light-colored woods and stains and does not change on exposure to sunlight.


Product Information & Applications


Area of Usage

GCI PU Wood Finish can be used for Exterior doors, High end kitchen cabinetry, table tops, dining and bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture and store fixtures.




Before application, the surface should be sound, clean and free from oil, grease, loose particles, dust, etc. Application can be done by the recommended application methods. GCI PU Wood Finish can be applied by Spray.




The Shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture in original tightly closed container away from direct sunlight, excessive heat and should be stored between 15-30 degree Celsius.


Technical Specifications

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