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NC Sanding Sealer

A fast-drying premium Sanding Sealer, based on an alkyd-nitrocellulose combination. It has good leveling, filling, and sanding property. The dried film has excellent transparency and wood grain retention.

Benifits final

Benefits / Features

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Sound and smooth surface

appeared after sanding.

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Effortless manual sanding.

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Fast drying and excellent filling property mean
that the number of topcoats can be kept to a minimum.

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Works well on all wooden surfaces.


Product Information & Applications


Area of usage

GCI NC Sanding Sealer is designed to seal, sand easily and allow for excellent adhesion of subsequent coats on solid wood, hard & soft wood, veneered timber or Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF).




Select seasoned wood for coating. Sand the wooden surface along the grains using Emery Paper 180, followed by smooth sanding with Emery paper 320 or 400. Wipe the surface to clean off loose dust particles. GCI NC Sanding Sealer can be applied by Brush, Rag or Spray.




Shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture in original tightly closed container away from direct sunlight, excessive heat and should be stored between 15-30 degree celsius.


Technical Specifications

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